Most of our modules can be run with up to 50 pieces per chain, see below for full details.

FL0 - 50   FL1 - 50   FL2 - 50   FL1L - 50   FL2L - 50   FL3L - 50   FLM+ 50   FL2+ - 50   

You can run up to 20 metres of Neon Flex in one length.

A driver can be no more than 4.5 metres away from the modules.

The amount of cable you require will depend on the dimensions of your sign.

Too much voltage drop can reduce light output from the LED modules. Please ensure you run the appropriate number of modules per string and place the driver at the correct distance from the LED array.

Use Scotchlok U314 connectors to connect drivers to cables.

Use Scotchlock UY2 connectors on the following modules: FL1   FL0   RGB   FLM+   FL2+   FL3+   FL1L+   FL2L+   FL3L+

Use Scochlok UR2 connectors on the following modules: FL2L   FL3L   BL2   BL3


LED lighting is energy efficient, produces fewer CO2 emissions and radiates very little heat.
Replacing your fluorescent tubes with LED modules could cost up to 80% less to run and maintain, they are also fully controllable and programmable.