Firstlite’s FL Micron Modules Illuminate Fresca Mediterranean Restaurant

6 March 2024 | News

Mixit Signs and Visual recently partnered with Firstlite LED Systems to illuminate the signage for Fresca Mediterranean Restaurant, using Firstlite’s FL Micron modules.

As the smallest module in their range, the FL Micron was the perfect solution for the restaurant’s signage, particularly in areas with narrow stroke widths and limited space.

The FL Micron’s compact design allowed Mixit Signs to achieve clear, even illumination, even in signage with shallow return depths, ensuring optimal visibility and aesthetic appeal. With its uniform illumination, the FL Micron delivered exceptional performance for both face and halo applications, enhancing the overall impact of the signage.

One of the standout features of the FL Micron is its robust waterproof construction, boasting an IP67 rating. This ensures the durability and longevity of signage, even in outdoor environments where exposure to the elements is inevitable. Mixit Signs could confidently install the FL Micron modules, knowing they would withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain their performance over time.

“Working with Firstlite LED Systems worked very well for us,” says Jason Nattrass, Director of Mixit Signs and Visual. “Firstlite’s commitment to quality and reliability made them the preferred choice for illuminating Fresca Mediterranean Restaurant’s signage. The FL Micron modules exceeded expectations, delivering exceptional brightness and uniformity while consuming minimal energy.”

He continues, “Firstlite’s customer service and support throughout the project was exceptional. We benefited from expert guidance and technical assistance from the Firstlite team, ensuring smooth installation and optimal performance of the FL Micron modules.”

Firstlite’s focus on innovation and sustainability is evident in its products. “The FL Micron modules are energy-efficient solutions that align with our commitment to environmental responsibility and also those of Fresca,” adds Jason.

Jason concludes, “Overall, the collaboration between Mixit Signs and Firstlite LED Systems has been very successful. Thanks to their products, we have created some visually stunning signage for Fresca Mediterranean Restaurant. By choosing Firstlite’s FL Micron modules, we achieved a sign that looks great, is low cost to run, is very reliable, and the client loves it.”


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