Firstlite LED Systems launches comprehensive training programme

26 March 2024 | News, Press Releases

The company helps customers master the selection, installation and maintenance of LED modules for signage solutions

FirstLite LED Systems Limited, a leading supplier of LED modules to the UK sign market, has introduced a customer training programme at its purpose built training centre in Gateshead. This new service is designed to equip industry professionals with specialised skills to help them with the selection, fitting and maintenance of Firstlite’s LED products for a broad range of signage solutions. Firstlite will host a training open day on 17 April in Gateshead to experience firsthand the benefits of the company’s training programme.

“The challenges facing our industry are constantly changing and evolving, with new technology and innovations becoming ever-more frequent. We have designed our training programmes to help customers learn much more than just the basics; we get them hands-on so they can understand every detail of installing and maintaining all types of LED modules. We are here to ensure our partners and customers stay on top with the latest techniques and tech know-how,” said Megan Woodcock, managing director of Firstlite LED.

The training curriculum is designed to address the specific needs of sign industry professionals. Participants gain practical knowledge about the latest advancements in LED technology, ensuring they understand the implications of new technology and how this can help and support their signage solutions. It also helps customers minimise operational costs by preventing common installation errors, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and call-outs, as well as maximising the lifespan of the LED elements of signs.

“Joining our training at Firstlite isn’t just about skills; it’s about making your work smoother and helping you act as more of a consultant for your customers. We cover the best ways to do things, how to select the right products, troubleshoot and get the most out of our LED modules. It’s all about making sure your installs are seamless, downtime is minimal, and your overall performance gets a boost,” added Megan.

Customers who undergo Firstlite’s training programme not only gain practical skills but also receive industry-recognised certification. This recognition adds value to their professional profile, instilling confidence in clients and partners regarding their expertise in LED signage.

Beyond the training sessions, Firstlite is committed to providing continuous support to its customers. The programme establishes an ongoing relationship, ensuring professionals have access to updated information, additional resources, and expert assistance whenever needed.

One training programme participant said: “The hands-on training offered by Firstlite was invaluable. It not only enhanced my technical skills but also gave me the confidence to tackle complex LED sign installations. I now feel more equipped to deliver high-quality results for our clients.”

Firstlite’s new training centre is at their head office in Gateshead. To book a session or register for the open day, please contact



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