Free Layout Estimates

Send us your artwork in the formats listed below and we will populate your drawing with the most appropriate LED Modules for your job. The drawing will contain a recommended amount of modules for your signage and the required number of drivers.

  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • Encapsulated Post Script (.eps)
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf) Unflattened

Please ensure all fonts are converted to paths.

Please ensure all rendered images, fills and gradients are removed in your artwork for a quick response time.

Word, Excel and AutoCad files are not acceptable.


Free Layout Estimates

We require vector images only. Any other type of artwork is not acceptable

Box Calculator

Use our box calculator to get an estimate of the LED module type suitable for your project

Enter the length of the box in millimetres.
Enter the height of the box in millimetres.
Enter the distance from the front face of the back panel to the front face of the material
LED Module Row Spacing (mm) Module Centres (mm) Module per row No. of rows Total Modules Total Power Consumption Lumen output
FL Micron 290 2 1 2 3 270
FL Mini 290 2 1 2 3 270

This box calculator is only for rough estimation of required modules. Please contact Firstlite LED Systems Ltd for 100% accurate quotations. The box calculator is made for estimation of Firstlite LED modules only. Calculations are based on 3mm Opal Acrylic 050 and are for single sided boxes only. Firstlite LED Systems Ltd takes no responsibility for results caused by inappropriate usage of this tool.