Free Layout Estimates

Send us your artwork in a vector format (either Adobe Illustrator, Encapsulated Post Script or an unflattened PDF) with all fonts converted to paths, along with dimensions, return depths and construction information and we will populate your signage/design project with the appropriate modules for the job.

Using our state of the art software we can calculate how many modules and power sources you will need to give the best illumination and we’ll also provide you with a map to help with installation. Depending on your project size, turnaround for drawings is normally within the hour and it’s all free of charge.

You can send your artwork to

PLEASE NOTE: VECTOR ARTWORK ONLY. Jpegs, TIFF files, Autocad files and flattened PDF files are not acceptable.

Experienced With Sign Making

Our staff at FirstLite LED have many years experience within the sign making industry, we can advise on build, materials and installation and what works best with our LED modules to give the greatest illumination.

Got any queries ? Give us a call on 0191 495 0168, we’re here to help


Barker & Stonehouse

LED Signage

Barker & Stonehouse Guildford - Halo illuminated logo’s mounted onto feature timber cladding, populated with FirstLite FL Prime modules and...

Foot Asylum

Face Illuminated Built Up Lettering

Part of a large roll out across the UK, these built up metal letters with acrylic faces were illuminated with...

The Face House Newcastle

LED Neon Flex

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